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Powerful Proteolytic Enzyme Combination

LivingWell Free CouponProteolytic systemic enzymes contained in Heal-n-Soothe work to fight inflammation with a process called Systemic Enzyme Therapy. Enzymes are known as biocatalysts, an element essential to push biological process faster. It is known to be one of the defending mechanisms against inflammation by neutralizing compounds responsible creating the inflammation while targeting the injured tissues at the same time.

With Systemic Enzyme Therapy (a method that has been used over the past fifty years), the enzymes work throughout your body to help your body naturally fight against inflammation that could leads to fatal diseases.*

Another important trait of systemic enzymes is that they are known as adaptogenic. This means that when your body is undergoing immense stress (in this case, inflammation resulting in the pain), these enzymes could help facilitate a postive stress response. This would protects your body from adrenal exhaustion while using the energy needed for fighting and healing the inflammation.*

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Additionally, individual results will vary based on many factors.

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